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CAVA II works across the value-added cassava chain, specifically focusing on a number of bottlenecks that have slowed growth and progress from previous
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How We Work

The project intends to work across the value-added cassava chain, specifically focusing on a number of bottlenecks that have slowed growth and progress
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Where We Work

We focus on 5 African Countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania
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Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (CAVA) Phase II

Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (CAVA II) is a project led by the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria, working closely with Natural Resources Institute of University of Greenwich, United Kingdom; Food Research Institute Ghana; Tanzania Food and Nutrition Center, Tanzania; Africa Innovations Institute, Uganda; Chancellor College, University of Malawi alongside several partners.
Focus on 5 African Countries:
  • Nigeria, Ghana
  • Malawi, Uganda
  • & Tanzania

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Cassava is the most widely cultivated crop in Nigeria

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Cassava is the most widely cultivated crop in Ghana,

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Cassava is the most widely cultivated crop in Uganda

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Cassava is the most widely cultivated crop in Tanzania

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Cassava is the most widely cultivated crop in Malawi

Latest News

We relish news of our Activities both Locally and Internationally

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